The Road to Camelot

What is Camelot?

Camelot is not just a place in England (fictitious or otherwise), it is a state of mind. King Arthur, his knights, and all the inhabitants of Camelot believed in certain basic guiding principles. The common man had rights, just as the noble did; women were respected, not used; a man's word was his honor; and people fought for those things because they believed in them, not because they were forced to by an overlord. It is exactly those beliefs that guide this channel, our Camelot.

Our Camelot is also intended to be a welcoming haven for travelers on the net, less a tavern and more a public gathering place, a medieval firehall. Safe from harassment, obscenities, undue violence, and no fear of exclusion just because someone is new and may or may not be familiar with Free Form Role Play. Sir-Lancelot started this channel with such guiding principles as Chivalry, Loyalty, Justice and Honor. We extend these principles with a belief in Decency, Compassion, Courtesy, Openness, and Tolerance.

#Camelot has been and should always be a home base, a place to catch up on news both In Character (IC) and Out of Character (OOC) between friends old and new. That would have been the use of a firehall in the Middle Ages and we still have need of such places today, in this age. Our Camelot can be a gateway, an entrance to Role Play and in some ways the Welcome Mat for Sorcery.Net Net. Because we have very young visitors and adults who want to get away from some of the ugliness of Real Life, we try to maintain a PG-13 rating... clean, light and fun!

Camelot is not a 'chat channel' as you may know it since we encourage Free Form Role Play channel (FFRP) in the vein of Arthurian legend and related to the medieval time period. What is Free Form Role Play? It is not restricted by dice rolls and other parameters associated with traditional RPGs. Your character can be anything or anyone BUT we do ask that there be no god-like characters. A well-rounded character will have weaknesses as well as strengths and thus makes the interaction between characters much more interesting and more challenging. It is the interaction that IS the play, after all. So, come to Camelot and bring your imagination!

Finding Your Way

The channel #Camelot, can be found on an IRC network called Sorcery. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It is the Internet's protocol for real time chatting. Sorcery.Net is just one of several different networks that use the IRC protocol. Using an IRC software client, such as mIRC, load one or more of the Sorcery.Net servers. The quickest way to find a Sorcery.Net server is to connect to All of these servers use port 6667. Most will also take port 9000. Once connected to a Sorcery server, just type in /join #camelot. And voila!

There are several different reasons we chose Sorcery.Net for our #Camelot channel. One is that our "nicks", the names we choose to use while chatting, can be registered. You don't have to worry about someone else taking your nick. Another reason is that the channel itself can be registered. Channel "stealing", so popular on Undernet and Efnet, is virtually impossible on Sorcery.Net. This net is smaller than some of the others, helping reduce splits, lag and other annoyances common on other nets.

For more information about IRC in general try What is IRC? at the mIRC site.

So long and thanks for all the ... mead?

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