Welcome to Camelot!

Welcome to Camelot! The last bastion of chivalry remaining in this dreary world. Before you lies a great walled city surrounded by a moat, but the drawbridge is down and you can plainly see the hundreds of weary travelers walking in to find refuge from the perils of the road. "Camelot is a place, where your every fantasy and dream can and will come true," some say. It is a time and place full of light and life, where knights ride tall on the backs of strong steeds and dragons can be seen wandering about in the shadows of the realm. Lancelot and Guinevere have long since departed these shores. Arthur has gone to Avalon and Merlin is little more than a memory, but Camelot has not died with them. Their ideals and wishes for a brighter future for all will never be forgotten so long as there are those who remember.

This site is dedicated to a roleplaying channel. If you are unfamiliar with what a roleplaying channel is, please read through this site thoroughly. These pages contain a great deal of information about online roleplaying environments, and specifically our own. If you are interested in joining us and wish to know how to find us, simply follow The Road to Camelot and it will guide you on each step of your journey.

If you are already familiar with Camelot and what we do, we hope that this new site design is far easier to navigate than the old one, and looks quite a bit less dated as well. Some of your old favorite pages have gone away due to their lack of popularity, but we have added many new features that we hope you will enjoy and use.

We hope you enjoy your stay here in Camelot, and may it be the beginning of many longtime acquaintances and lifelong friendships.

So long and thanks for all the ... mead?

This site is an archived version of the original and is no longer actively maintained.

Rex Quondam, Rexque Futurus