The Lords of Camelot


A quite, gentle lad, who came to Camelot under rather tragic circumstances. He resides there now, studying a rather vast course of topics. Healing, from the healer Mikal. Magic, and occassionaly weaponry from Firefang. Mikal has recently asked he become accustomed to wearing armor constantly, and to learn to ride. Understandably, the boy has found even less free time of late. Like Mikal, he has an ability to enter into a dream world, which seems to be a perpetual battlefield. This is the source of his more recent scars, and the reason behind his lessons in warfare. Truth be told he seems to have a multitude of unexplicable talents, many of which he prefers to hide.


So long and thanks for all the ... mead?

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Rex Quondam, Rexque Futurus