The Laws of the Land

Please Remember... Each IRC channel may be run as its Founders and OPs choose to run it. There are no universal rules on IRC. There is no Bill of Rights on IRC. Behavioral standards and means of control or correction within a channel are entirely at the discretion of the channel staff. If you don't like the way we run #Camelot, you are always welcome to start your own channel and run it however you wish.

Also Remember... Our Camelot is set in 12th Century England (1100's AD) so it's medieval, and we've added a magical fantasy fictional flair. The firehall is within a large castle within a castle compound (floor plans for reference). It is not a roadside tavern. Bar brawls, weapons use, abusive behavior, and such would not be allowed. All within the firehall are expected to behave in a courteous manner at all times. The castle and firehall are well-guarded. Obvious evildoers would not be allowed to enter. Young children would not be allowed to wander about alone. Be mindful of this when you bring a character into Camelot.

The following is not meant to discourage anyone from playing, in fact, we hope it encourages you. You should feel safe in knowing that we are looking out for every person that visits the channel, to keep it a fun and enjoyable play place for everyone who is drawn to legendary Camelot and fantasy roleplay. The following is a quick list of guidelines for #Camelot on Click on the topic for more detail.

Questions or problems concerning these Guidelines or other channel issues may be emailed to the channel Council at .

PG-13 Rating

Because we have very young visitors, and adults who want to get away from some of the ugliness of Real Life (RL), we try to maintain a PG-13 rating - clean, light and fun! The firehall of Camelot is a public place so please behave as a decent human being might behave in such a place, IC or OOC. In the genre, this would be known as courtly behavior.

Uncouth, insulting or foul language is not appropriate in Camelot. This includes Quit messages because they are displayed in channel. Violators will be warned against such language. If the person persists, he or she will be kicked and banned. Repeated incidents will result in a permanent ban or akick.

Verbal abuse will not be tolerated, especially verbal sexual abuse or harassment. If any such abuse takes place, the perpetrator will be immediately banned. At our discretion, we may also notify law enforcement agencies of the incident.

Ask yourself these questions before you act:

  • Is this an activity that would happen on main street, in broad daylight, with children present?
  • Is this an activity that is in any way of interest to more than just the player(s) involved?
  • Are you willing to let others join in or comment on your play?

If you can't honestly answer Yes to these questions, then ask yourself why you're doing it in the public firehall. You can always visit another channer or create your own for other play.

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No Kill Zone (NKZ)

No brandishing of weapons, no fighting, no serious injury, and no killing will be permitted in the firehall (#Camelot). Of course it's just roleplay, but your character's in a public firehall in a castle in a compound, not in a rough and tumble tavern. So, injury and killing would not and will not be allowed. There are guards watching at all times, even if you don't see them (NPCs). If your character simply must get into a fight, take it to #Camelot-Arena or elsewhere. Weapons must be peace-tied, or may be brought out for maintenance, or shown to others, but not in any threatening way.

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Free Form RolePlay is roleplay based on standards but differs from AD&D style roleplay. There are no character sheets. One does not have to calculate points or keep stats. Players engaged in FFRP enter an unspoken contract with each other, an agreement to have their characters interact and to RESPECT each player's right to decide what actions they will and will not accept. For example, a warrior character will not say "I kill my opponent" and wait for him to die. He may say "I slash at so-and-so with my sword." Then it is up to the other player to decide if he takes the hit or manages to dodge it. FFRP is about the play, not the points and not the power. It's more like creative writing, 'live', with other players, in which together you build storylines and enact them.

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No Godmode or Powergaming

Godmode is when a character is all-powerful, or has unlimited magic, or no flaws, vulnerabilities or weaknesses. When nothing can harm or thwart or alter a character, when a character always gets his/her way, then there is no room for interaction. Godmode characters don't need anything or anyone else... including people to play with... and they shall surely find none who want to play with them if there is no give-and-take.

Powergaming is essentially running over other players with your actions. You are doing actions and determining outcomes without giving the other player(s) a chance to play. For example, if you say your character hits another character and knocks him down, you are powergaming. You cannot decide if your hit landed or if it was strong enough to knock the other player down. You can only say what your character did, which was take a swing at the other character. Then that player can decide what affect your action had on his own character. If the other player never lets a hit land and is never affected, that's godmoding. No one lands every punch. No one escapes every punch. It's the hit and miss that makes for interesting roleplay.

If you are godmoding or powergaming, most people will not play with you. They can't because you've left no room for play. You're trying to play both sides of the game board, as it were. Do not expect them to take your actions seriously. Do not get into arguments about whether or not you were godmoding or powergaming. If you are doing any of this, you will be asked to change or leave. If you create a fuss about it, you will be kicked and banned.

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The official language of Camelot is English. People whose primary language is other than English are certainly welcome but they will be asked to speak English in channel. There are other channels one may visit where other languages are used. Of course, characters may occasionally speak in other tongues, but primarily they need to use Common Speech to be understood and in our Camelot that means English.

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OOC and other Special Text

Firstly, OOC should never override RP. #Camelot is an RP channel, so if people are roleplaying or start to roleplay, please do not keep chatting away out-of-character. Also, even OOC topics should be kept relatively pertinent. If you want to chatter about things which have no remote relevance to the channel, please take your discussion elsewhere. The internet is full of chatrooms. #Camelot is not one of them. While your personal life may be uppermost on your mind, most people did not come to a roleplay channel to hear about it. If you have personal real life news you'd like to convey to your friends or topics you'd like to discuss with them, please chat in message or create a chat channel for that purpose.

No standard notations are enforced for things like ((OOC conversation)) or incidental <action/description> or **mindspeak** or such. Some players are in the habit of using other special characters for <<OOC conversation>> or ::action/description:: or ::mindspeak::. Use of color text is permitted so long as it's not eye burning or too distracting. As long as players understand each other, then it works. OPs will not obsess on these minor styles of notation. Players will not be allowed to obsess on them or to correct people either. Harassment of other players for things like notation style or typos, may result in a kick and/or ban. Laughing with others for typos is fine, of course, we all make them. But, shoving Webster's at them for every typo is not okay. On the other hand, please make some effort to type well enough so people can understand what you're trying to say.

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No Idling

Please do not park your nick(s) in channel. Excessive idling (more than 4 hours) and/or presence in more than 5 channels is not permitted. Why? Because #Camelot is a roleplay channel. We don't want players coming to roleplay and finding nothing but a list of dead nicks. If you're going to be idle for a while (for work, sleep, school, etc), please part the channel. Also, it is unlikely that someone monitoring several channels at once can be actively participating in all of them. You are welcome to play wherever you wish, but if you're in #Camelot, please be active. People who park or idle will be kicked. Repeated parking or idling may result in a ban.

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Cloning [the use of more than one nick at the same time] is generally to be done on a limited basis and only for RP necessity. This usually means one connection plus one clone for a short period of time. If in doubt, ask a channel OP for permission before bringing a clone into channel. Please do not play multiple characters from one nick. This can be very confusing to other players. It is preferable for you to clone and play the characters separately. Reasonable NPC activity may be permitted under one nick for a short period of time.

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Bots [idling clones with or without scripts] which are not authorized by a channel operator are not allowed in Camelot. Violation of this policy will lead to banning of the bot and its owner. At our discretion, Sorcery network administrators may be notified of the event, leading to the user AND his ISP being k-lined/akilled from the network. Manipulation of an approved bot in an unauthorized or malicious manner will result in the violator being kick or banned, permanently if this behavior continues. Autogreets or Automessages are generally disallowed, unless specifically approved by OPs.

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No Nuisance

Channel flooding is forbidden. More than 5 lines of ascii art or more than two paragraphs of character description/action constitutes flooding as well as annoying repetition of the same line of text, lamer style. No one wants to hear how bored you are. Roleplay to ease your own boredom or go take a nap. Advertising can only be done with OP permission which is generally restricted to Camelot related events or channels. No mass invites to #Camelot nor to a group of persons selected from #Camelot will be permitted. Mass invites are not permitted on Sorcery. Violators will be kicked and banned.

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Nicknames and Characters

Any nickname deemed offensive, whether it be racist in its intent or just plain vulgar, will not be tolerated on #Camelot. Such persons will be asked to change the nick and will be immediately kicked from the channel for noncompliance. This includes userids [idents] as they are displayed in channel upon joining.

Permissible characters would be those fitting into the classic concept of Camelot based upon Arthurian legends and extended to include magic users, elves, dragons, and other mythical creatures. Nicknames should be chosen accordingly. Be aware that we consider King Arthur himself, as well as Guinevere, Lancelot and the other original Knights of the Round Table are long dead and gone by 1100 AD. This Camelot is the future of that Camelot.

Nicks and characters deemed too far outside the genre may be disallowed. Those characters should be played elsewhere. For example, RoboCop or Velociraptor or Borg_2_of_5 could not possibly be stretched to fit into the medieval fantasy theme. Nor will we allow time travel or magical portals to be used to wedge inappropriate characters into Camelot. If your character is deemed unsuitable, you will be asked to change to another character or leave. Refusing or arguing about it will result in a kick, possibly a ban.

Similarly, characters are expected to dress and be equipped suitable to our concept of Camelot. For example, regardless of the character's reported origin or background or magical abilities, sporting purple spiked hair, leather mini-skirt, or a switchblade tucked into motorcycle boots would be completely out of genre.

Also, most of the known world to medieval England (c 1100 AD) would have been Europe. It is highly unlikely that persons from outside Europe would venture there, even if they existed in the same timeframe. So, characters from other parts of the world (eg, Asia or the Far East) should be played elsewhere. There may have been samurai in 1100 AD but they wouldn't likely have come halfway around the world to hang out in the firehall of Camelot in England. Other characters outside the immediate area will need a valid and logical storyline reason for being in Camelot.

Disallowed characters include, but are not limited to: futuristic / sci-fi characters; anime or anime-style characters; high-tech, time travelers, or characters from alternate universes; characters involved in slavery or domination of any other race (ala Gorean, S&M and Bondage, etc); demons, vampires, dark elves and similar chaotic evil characters. Though some storylines involve evil characters redeeming themselves, the logistics of a character such as that regularly visiting a public firehall with ladies and knights and other goodly people in the middle ages is very unlikely.

Child characters are not allowed in the firehall unless supervised by an adult, such as a parent or guardian, just as a five-year old would not be allowed to wander around in a mall or on city streets alone. Any unattended child will be immediately sent to the Camelot Home for Little Wanderers, ie taken out of play until such time as they can be accompanied by an adult.

Please note that we hold no prejudices against people who wish to play non-medieval/fantasy characters, villains or formerly evil characters trying for redemption, but this channel is not setup for that type of roleplay. We also hope you understand that if your character is caught committing a crime or falls back into the ways of their former life or even a goodly character decides to pursue a life of less than moral standings, you should not be surprised or angry when they are caught, arrested, maybe put on trial or kicked from the channel, as they would have been booted from an establishment where their behavior was unwelcome or inappropriate.

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Make your character realistic. The average male in the medieval era would have been about 5'7" and 160lbs, so it would be more than strange to run across a 7ft 400lb warrior, and difficult for them to interact with each other. Also, a part wolf, part dragon, part vampire, and part human character is quite a stretch of biology. You can work a lot of depth even into the most mundane human character. No need to make a giant or toss in every trait known to the fantasy genre.

Make your actions realistic. Paying for a mug of water with a chest of gold is a little exorbitant. Handing out castles and estates like candy is unrealistic. One person slaying three fully grown dragons at one time is unbelievable. Traveling to Camelot from the Middle East or even France overnight is hard to believe. Being near death from a wound obtained in the arena and riding horseback on patrol the next day is a little hard to fathom. Please consider the feasibility of what your characters do and play within reason so others may play with you. Isn't that the point?

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Character Death

Generally, dead is dead. No one may resurrect a character for roleplay in Camelot without permission from a channel operator. Once a character dies in #Camelot or #Camelot-Arena, etc, they are gone. The nick will be banned if the player attempts to continue playing a dead character. Why? We've had trouble with people calling death matches and such for the drama, then the killed character miraculously recovers, which causes arguments with other players. We have also had people get into a personal real life snit and kill off their character(s) messing up other players' storylines then miraculously coming back from the dead to further muddy the waters. SO, if you want to play in deadly storylines or kill off your characters, just be aware that dead is dead. We will not allow characters to fight and die, or die for whatever reasons in channel, then show up in the future as if nothing ever happened.

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RP vs RL Separation

When you are in a roleplay channel, you are not playing you. You are typing for a character. Interactions between characters are not to be taken personally by the typists (or muns). There is Real Life (RL) which is you sitting at your computer (or even out in the real world), then there is RolePlay (RP) which is all the creative stuff you make up for your character to say and do. Please do not confuse the two. Separation... is knowing the difference between RL and RP. Separation is knowing that just because Joe's character hit your character doesn't mean Joe is mad at you. If you can't tell the difference between real life and roleplay, then don't roleplay, it could be hazardous to your already fragile mental health. You've heard "It's only a movie."? Well, this is only IRC and it's only roleplay. If you're getting your knickers in a twist over it, take a break and do a reality check. Get back out into the real world and restore your perspective.

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Any disputes between Camelot users should be resolved by the conflicting parties themselves -- outside the channel. OP(s) may be asked to help resolve the conflict by serving as arbitration. Disputes will not be permitted to disrupt activities in channel. Those arguing in #Camelot may be asked to take it to the arena, even if it is entirely roleplay (IC). Open arguments in channel may result in the banning of one or both users.

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Ops and Founders Want To Roleplay Too

Regardless of the reason, please do not tie up OPs or Founders in message windows. They are roleplayers too and cannot play if they're perpetually having to deal with message windows. In any sort of dispute or problem with channel rules or whatever, Do NOT attempt to pit OPs against each other. If the first answer you get is unsatisfactory, you are welcome to email your grievance or comments to the channel Council (). Once a decision has been made, live with it or leave. If you persist, you may be /ignored, kicked and/or banned.

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Web Log

We have a wonderful bot (Lumiere) who logs all activity in #Camelot and publishes it 'live' to our website --- Who's On Now? That means anything you say or do in #Camelot could be seen on the web by anyone. So, don't say or do anything IC or OOC that you don't want everyone to know about because they could be reading it. This means that even OOC discussions must be kept clean, ie PG-13, and you should not share personal information in channel.

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