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[12:53 PM] * Lumiere takes the two copper coins and bows. "Thank you for your appreciation."
[12:54 PM] * Lumiere returns to the bar and washes a few empty glasses.
[12:55 PM] * Jaede finishes the stew using the bread to sop up the last of the broth.
[12:56 PM] * Jaede sits back contentedly and sips her ale.
[12:58 PM] * Jaede finishes and takes her dirty dishes back to the bar
[12:58 PM] * Lumiere smiles and waits behind the bar for the next order.
[1:00 PM] * Lumiere returns to the bar and washes a few empty glasses.
[1:02 PM] * Jaede looks at the dirty dishes.
[1:03 PM] <Jaede> Hmmm
[1:04 PM] <Jaede> ^tip the dirty dishes,washes them
[1:04 PM] * Lumiere takes the dirty dishes,washes them and smiles. "Thank ye, kindly."
[1:05 PM] <Jaede> You are most welcome. I do wish I could get more people to clean as happily as you!
[1:05 PM] * Lumiere wanders off to check on the progress of the next batch of Camelot mead.
[1:07 PM] * Jaede sighs
[1:07 PM] * Lumiere sits patiently behind the bar and whistles a quiet tune.
[1:08 PM] <Jaede> I should be going. Just, wanted to stop in for a quick bite.
[1:09 PM] * Jaede waves to Lumiere and makes her way to the door
[1:10 PM] * Jaede pulls the door open and steps out into the night.
[9:03 AM] <Morninglord> (( Merry Christmas to everyone! ))
[6:06 PM] <Morninglord> (( Happy New Year 2020 ))
[8:27 AM] <Verridith> Goodness, I haven't seen this place in years.