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[8:42 AM] * Puuff slurps Lumiere
[8:42 AM] * Lumiere stands behind the bar and looks at Puuff.
[8:42 AM] * Puuff looks at Lumiere
[8:43 AM] * Puuff struggles not to blink at Lumiere
[8:44 AM] * Lumiere wanders off to check on the progress of the next batch of Camelot mead.
[8:45 AM] * Puuff pumps his fist, he won
[11:40 AM] <Lord_William> Hello Lumiere
[11:42 AM] <Lord_William> ^help
[7:11 AM] <Morninglord> Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, whenever you give thanks, even you Lumiere.
[7:11 AM] * Lumiere looks at Morninglord.
[7:12 AM] * Lumiere smiles and cleans up behind the bar.