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[8:06 PM] <Raine> ((Lumi. Where would I be without you? Hi to everyone in 2018. Great memories of this place.))
[12:56 AM] <Morninglord> (( Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone! ))
[2:51 PM] <Morninglord> (( There are a number of holidays in May, but two very special ones...
[2:52 PM] <Morninglord> (( To all the mothers out there, a very Happy Mother's Day, and...
[2:52 PM] <Morninglord> ((To all those that sacrificed, a Thankful Memorial Day...
[2:52 PM] <Morninglord> ((Of course, we can't forget - May the Forth Be With You. ))
[2:42 AM] <Morninglord> (( Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there. ))
[6:54 AM] <Morninglord> (( For anyone starting to school or has kids going to school, have a good school year! ))
[6:55 AM] <Morninglord> (( Also, a Happy Early Labor Day! ))
[4:23 AM] <Morninglord> (( Happy Belated Halloween and Canadian Thanksgiving and ... ))
[4:23 AM] <Morninglord> (( Happy early U.S. Thanksgiving ))