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[9:22 AM] <Raine> (Hi all. My god, it has been 16 years... so strange! I got the most nostalgic notion today to run a Google search and see if this place still existed. How bittersweet to find it empty but still alive. I miss it!)
[9:22 AM] <Raine> (Anyway, most likely nobody will ever see this... but just in case. Hello.)
[2:18 AM] <UnknownPlayer> hello Lumi
[2:18 AM] <UnknownPlayer> ^Seen Blackthorn
[1:01 AM] <Morninglord> (( Happy Halloween to everyone ))
[11:01 AM] <Kalaris> (Hey, Lumi. loves to everyone. :3 )
[3:33 AM] <Morninglord> (( Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating ))
[6:30 PM] <Wade> Hello lumi.. long time no see.
[6:30 PM] <Wade> Hmm. Place is empty.. that sucks.
[12:37 AM] <Morninglord> (( Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! ))
[11:06 PM] <Morninglord> (( Happy New Year 2018 everyone - it's a little early, but hoping it's a great, fun and safe year for you all! ))